West African "wax print" fabrics reveal the global movement of textiles and cultural influence across continents and throughout history. These patterns are a product of colonial and post-colonial markets, global textile trade, and a complex layering of cultural meaning. Some patterns have been in production for over a hundred years, and others have accrued proverbs and stories that are specific to the communities in which they are sold.
My work for the AIDS non-profit, GAIA Vaccine Foundation, frequently takes me to Bamako, Mali, where I source these prints from textile merchants in Bamako's central market place. By using these fabrics in my products, I am celebrating their cross-cultural influence and expanding their movement across the globe. 

Each pillow is made using two contrasting prints. The pillow front contains a layer of batting sewn with a quilting technique to give it a subtle three dimensionality. Pillows are 18"x18" and 25"x25". 

Please use the contact form to inquire about availability (special color requests can often be accommodated for the patient enthusiast). Or check some pillows out in person at LORE Collection.